Post and Tie Prod.

I was going to have the site named Post and Tie Thing but it's not only taken but registered trademarked by some company. This name originated from my first screen-name "posvhti" which was created years ago. Then I decided to tweak it a little bit more which now leads to the three(and maybe one more) currently used aliases:


Account username used at some websites like blogspot, and pastebin.

Post EN Tie

Display name used in profiles.

Post and Tie Prod.

Display name used when it comes to releasing software related content.

Edice Graphics

Was created a few years ago originally for use with Zazzle.

Around ten years was spent trying to decide which screen name to go by, 8 characters or less. However, I realised that it was not that appropiate for me to go by the same username for everything from releasing content to online gaming which I go by something else unrelated to what I listed above.

As soon as this semester is finished, I'll be coming up with a real website soon.